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Monday, November 10, 2008

But the holiday's are coming up.

What better excuse to over eat other than the “holidays.” After all we have Thanksgiving and Christmas(or whatever holiday you happen to observe).
When we actually think about it what are we talking about. Maybe a total of 5 or 6 days during the season that we will be with company? But yet we still view it as a reason for taking a vacation from sensible eating. Oh to feel that satisfaction of eating. The happiness it brings. Then when the dust settles, your wondering “why did I just do that”? Guilt starts to settle in. But oddly enough that wont stop us from doing it again tomorrow, or the day after that. Until the Holidays are past. Then we can get “back on the wagon” and start the “diet” again.
But wait a minute………..Did we forget about what we’ve accomplished the whole year? The struggle in losing the weight in the first place? Knowing that after we eat the crap we will get that feeling of failure and defeat. Sometimes i do still stumble……..i can’t understand why.


Jackie said...

I agree with you. I always gain 10 pounds between november and december. Only to start my new year with my same old resolution.

stickola said...

Hi Jackie.........Thank you for posting a comment!
I dont know why its that way. When the holidays come around its like an open ticket as far as over eating goes. Maybe its because we think that January will mark an "official" end to the insanity, lol. Or maybe we view it as a "reward" for being good the whole year. I cant explain it. All i know is that it is a very difficult time of the year to stay on course.

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