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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Another week has gone by. Its amazing how time seems to move faster around the holiday season. Ah, the stress of it all, lol.

Nothing much has changed. I weighed in at 179 this morning and my clothes are still tight. I dont want to fall into the same trap i did when i initially lost the weight. I was so focused on what the scale said..........I wasn't noticing how horrible i looked.
When i first lost the weight people would ask me if i was "okay". If i was sick or had some sort of condition that would result in the weight loss. I thought they were crazy. Recently i saw a picture of myself about a year or so ago. I looked like a skeleton with hair! My face was drawn, skin was hanging off my bones. My body had the shape of a pear.
The bicycling got rid of all that. But now that im not biking, my muscle mass is dropping. The treadmill is boring, the nordic track skier is a great workout but its brutal. Getting on it is a chore. I havent developed the discipline necessary to just do it.
At least i started wight light dumbells this morning. Trying to ease into ceveloping a habit of doing something each morning.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Ok, this is frustrating!

I stopped bicycling to work about a month or so ago because its too cold in the mornings. Now my pants are getting pretty tight around the waist and my shirts have a little less room in them. The frustrating part is im still basically the same weight. Whats happened is Ive lost the muscle mass in my legs and have replaced it with fat around my gut! The treadmill isnt cutting it as far as the exercise i would get by biking. I refuse to put on a larger pair of pants. Wearing the tight ones are a reminder to me that things arent going so well at this point in time and not to give up on my new habits.
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