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Monday, November 10, 2008

Passive Exercising

I’ve already mentioned that i did the Jenny Craig thing. Let’s face it. Jenny is geared towards women. I’m not a macho guy. But I did feel uncomfortable in the waiting room with all the women. All of them with the look on their face that they’ve done something wrong. The look that they know they’re fighting a battle that probably wont be won for the long run.
I was there just to get my food and get out! I didn’t want to talk about my week. About what made me eat too much. NO, I’m not bloated!…………I’m a guy remember?
I’ve heard it all before. My counselor would give me advice. Just a note…………she was a little………..okay a lot on the hefty side and in the 2+ years Ive gone there she hasn’t lost any weight. She was very nice and i realize that was her job to work in a weight loss facility………it wasn’t her passion.
She would tell me things to do. Like park my car in the furthest spot in a parking lot to induce me to walk a little. Always take the stairs at work. Try to set aside a little time everyday to take a walk in the neighborhood. All good text book advice. But worthless unless your going to make it a lifelong thing.
Soooooooooooo, starting this past July 4th i decided to start taking my bicycle to work. I live 11 miles door to door and it takes me about 50 minutes. I’ll be honest. Weight loss maintenance wasn’t my first goal of biking………..The price of gasoline was. I was pissed at paying $4.57 a gallon for regular. So i started biking 3 days a week. What I’ve found out that its an excellent way for passive exersicing! And as an added kick i loved the weird looks from people when they saw me ride in, lol. Although by now they’re used to it.
I took the bike yesterday. It was 41degrees when i left the house and i think that’s going to be my threshold. As long as its not raining when i wake up and its above 41, then my car keys will stay at home.
One added bonus of biking to work…………….You can’t change your mind after your about 10 minutes into my ride. Its too late to turn back or else I’ll be late. Also by biking in the morning…………I’m assured to bike home. So that’s 50 minutes of cardio 2 times a day…………..3 days a week.
As long as the exercise has a purpose…………………you can view it as passive exersicing!

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