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Sunday, November 23, 2008

How I lost it.

A few people had asked me via email how i lost the weight. It was Jenny Craig...... but the second time around. The first time i lost with them was around 7 years ago.
Now my overall thinking about eating has changed. Theres no more "waiting" for the diet to be over. Now the word "diet" to me means what type of foods i eat on a regular basis. It used to mean something i would do on a temporary basis.
Yes i do cheat at times. But i put the brakes on as soon as i start feeling ucomfortable in my clothes. The way things used to work was like this.
I would lose the weight. Then after a short while i would start slipping back into my old habits. I would watch the weight slowly start coming back. Then theres a point where i was out of control. Falling in an uncontrolled spiral. Knowing what was happening but unable to stop.
I know the problems people who battle with their weight have. I was there. A constant reminder to me is the little love handles i have. It was alot worse when i first lost it. When i used to do pushups i could see my belly flab doing its own pushup. Yes it was disturbing to me. But since then i have firmed up. But the little handles i have at my sides will never go away. When i put on my jeans and look in the mirror, they're my constant reminder of where i was and where i will never return.

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