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Friday, February 20, 2009

Back on track!!!!!!

Ok. Time to take control once again. The scale weighed me in at 184 the other day. About 4 pounds more than im comfortable with. Actually ive learned that the scale isnt always the best way to keep track of weight. The way my clothes fit is a better way of keeping myself in check. The scale is just a tool. My 34 jeans are getting really tight. I refuse to buy a bigger size and im NOT making the mistake of buying sweat pants.
Im not waiting and watching all 50 lbs come back on. Ive been there, done that and it sucks. Instead im starting to get back on track now. The weather is starting to warm a little here in New York so im starting to take the bicycle to work again. Just three days a week is good. That coupled with putting the breaks on with the junk food. Which means starting up my regular trips to the fruit/vegetable market. Preparing food to eat before hand and keeping it in the fridge. This way when i get home from work i have something healthy waiting for me. Instead of hitting the cookie jar or noshing on garbage.

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