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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Today made 792 miles so far.

Okay........Today's trip to work makes 792 total miles for the year. Thats 36 trips.
My goal of 2000 miles is a bit steep considering i will be away from work for a month due to vacation and business trips.
Why did i pick 2000 as my goal? I guess its the same way i picked 1000 last year. No rhyme or reason, lol.

I started biking in February this year. Only on the days that it was above freezing. Dont want to hit any ice and go down. At 45 the bones heal a little slower, lol.

Anyway thats where i stand. I usually bike to work 3 days a week. That should take me well into November. Lets hope for a mild fall.
At first you would think that riding a bicycle in the mid 30's is insane. But the secret is dressing properly. I invested in a pair of thermal bicycle tights(my kids will NOT be seen in public with me when i wear them). Im not crazy how they look but theyre amazing as far as protecting you from the elements. On top i wear a few long sleeve shirts and a windbreaker. Heavy gloves and plastic bags over my socks inside my shoes to block the wind. Thats all it takes.
So many excuses can be made for not doing it but im done making excuses. Been there, done that.
And the kicker is the gas savings!

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